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Why you need MoviePass in your life – even if you don’t watch many movies

If you haven’t heard about MoviePass – it’s kinda like Netflix for movie theaters. You pay a moviepassflat rate of $9.95 a month and can watch a movie everyday in any theater. If you go to movies regularly, it’s a no-brainer. Easy Math: depending in the area that you live in, MoviePass pays for itself in 1 – 2 visits.

How about folks who don’t go to movies often? That’s where it gets interesting; I asked around and following reasons came up for not going:

• It’s Expensive: If you go to movies every weekend, the cost can easily add up. I am often willing to drive more to get to a cheaper theater. MoviePass solves that problem. I used to go to movies every couple of weeks, now this week itself I’ve already been twice and planning to go to 2 more; beats watching TV in night for sure.

• You may end up wasting money on something you don’t like: Even though internet has a lot of information about every movie – you can easily check IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings, there is still a risk that you wouldn’t like the movie and would rather spend that $10 to buy yourself the Tiramisu you’ve been thinking about. Going MoviePass way, there is an option to explore different kind of movies and in the worst case, you can always leave the movie half-way through and not feel bad about it.

Invested in streaming ecosystem: Some folks are subscribed to every streaming channel that exists and would rather watch that instead of going to a movie because 1) they’re already paying for it 2) if they wait long enough, the movie may show up somewhere and they can stream it. This is no longer a problem – you can watch a movie on Day 1 too. If cost is the constraint, just get rid of a streaming subscription and buy this instead. You can thank me later!

• Is my favorite theater included? You get a debit card with Mastercard logo, so anywhere mastercard is accepted is good to go, which includes most of the movie theaters (3D & IMAX movies are not included though, read more about restrictions here)

Best comment I heard from a friend was, you can buy this for your kid who has nothing much to do for summer – at least he’ll be out of the house! There are some things in life you don’t realize were missing until you have it – moviepass is one of those things. It’s not only going to save moviegoing, but also potentially curb movie piracy!

Note: I’ve heard of some technical problems (buggy app) and customer service issues – since there is no contract (it’s month to month), you can always cancel if you don’t like either the idea of watching to many movies or their service.

What’s your excuse for not having MoviePass?!

Living in a non-Amazon world

After I lost my Amazon prime student, I missed it the most when I asked Alexa to play music. It played one song that I had downloaded long time ago (I don’t even like it anymore) instead of usual ones from prime music collection. That was a sad day! Reluctant to pay $99 for the renewal, I started looking for other ways to replace the prime features I use (Amazon has a long list of what comes with the prime membership, but I primarily used only three)

  • Free 2 day shipping: I haven’t bought anything from Amazon after my prime membership ended because I got so used to Two-Day Shipping that regular delivery times seem too loonnngggg. As economists would say, free shipping is not really free – the cost is embedded in the product. It may not be as evident on Amazon.com as it is on Jet.com (which was bought by Walmart) where you can get discount by opting out of free returns; the discount is essentially how much the “free return” is valued at.

My wife suggested to look at our purchase history to determine whether it would be online_shopping.pngworth renewing – I did and the statistic was biased because we bought a lot of stuff since we moved to a new city and also bought a house.

Alternatives to 2 day shipping: I look at things online and check prices at other websites such as Walmart, Target, or even jet.com; I have heard about Shoprunner, which offers free 2 day shipping and free returns, and even got a complimentary membership through American Express but haven’t used it much.

  • Prime Music: It doesn’t have the best collection, but it’s not bad. We mostly played music through Echo (Alexa) and it was good enough to keep you entertained while doing house stuff, cooking, or even when we had guests over.

Alternatives to music: I tried Pandora and iHeartRadio as alternatives but it wasn’t quite the same. Currently I am subscribed to Amazon Music Unlimited trial through Alexa deals and not sure whether I am going to renew. Also looking at other services such as Spotify. I am open to recommendations here.

  • Prime video: I liked House of Lies and few other shows (none of included movies that I liked were exclusive to amazon video) but not something I couldn’t survive without, specially since I am subscribed to other streaming services. Few shows that I liked such as: Suits and The Big Bang Theory are not included, forcing you to pay $2.99 per episode – talk about Bait-and-switch. This was the easiest for me to let go of.

Alternatives to prime video: Any other streaming service would do; I currently have Hulu and couple of free ones such as Roku channel, NBC app, CW app etc. For regular TV, I have a digital antenna which works great. Roku live TV pause is awesome if your favorite show is on and you still haven’t finished dinner yet!

Prime video, if bought separately, currently costs $8.99/month which is way overpriced, in my opinion, for what it has to offer. Also I recently got MoviePass and now I don’t have to worry about checking promos and ratings before I choose a movie; I figured if I don’t like a movie, I can just sleep and not feel guilty of spending money on it. For a flat price of $9.95, moviepass let you watch one movie each day in most of the theaters. I was excited to see Alamo Drafthouse in the list.

I am probably going to miss amazon prime a little bit, but not enough to shell out $99.