Las Vegas or Cruise vacation

Every year, approx 40 million people go to Vegas and 20 million to Cruises. A recent trip got me thinking that these are not that different. Can we call cruise ships Vegas in sea? Here’s the way I look at it: everyone has different taste, but for the comparable duration, things to do, food etc. cruise is definitely a better deal financially.

Mega Structures: When someone asked me [after my first cruise] what’s a cruise like, my answer was it’s like Vegas; the ship is huge like hotels and everything you can think of is inside – casino, restaurants, entertainment.


Casinos: Hotels make you walk through the smokey casinos and so do Cruises. On the cruise that we were on, some of the elevators didn’t go to 6th floor – we had to get out at Casino floor (#5 I think) and go through the whole casino if we wanted to go to the Irish bar.

Shows and buffets: Both have good shows; Vegas has more celebrity shows, but those are included in the price for the cruise. We also did escape room at the cruise along with comedy show so all inclusive pricing is definitely better there. Also there are restaurants everywhere, you name a cuisine and there is place – Food at Bacchanal was great and so was the Hibachi at cruise. I gained a lot of weight in both the trips, which I am trying to get off.

It’s crowded everywhere and people walk holding drinks: It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but both places to have a lot of people [walking holding drinks], at times not even knowing where they’re going. On the first day of our cruise, I saw a guy holding drinks in both hands and jumping in the elevator.

Excursions vs Day trips: Vegas has few day trips options and they call it excursions in cruise. With cruise, you can go to Paris and Venice for real. Also when you get our at a port you forget all the drinking and gambling life for a minute and can indulge in other things. I am not a big fan of going to beaches but Atlantis looked great and again reminded me of Vegas.

Views: You can go to Paris tower, high roller or stratosphere tower to look at city view, which is incredible in night. Cruises have great views too – more nature than buildings though.


If I had to pick a favorite, I’d pick Cruise because you can go to so many places and still gamble, watch shows, eat and have fun!

Which one is your favorite?

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