How to create a professional website in less than an hour & < $100

Thanks to all the information available online, you can do a lot of things yourself and creating a website shouldn’t be an exception. I created my first website back in 2006 and since then have owned several domain names and blogs.


Here’s a quick tutorial on how to create a website yourself; on a broad level a website consists of 3 building blocks:

  1. Domain Name: the name you type in browser; for example or (for my website)
  2. Hosting: This is where the website resides; think of this as a house where you can put your content, web pages, pictures etc. If you guessed that it’s on the cloud, you’re right!
  3. Template (or theme): This has to do with the look and feel of the website (also the functionality and customization)

Let’s talk about details of each block:

  • Domain Name: this can be same as your business name or anything else you choose. You can either pick one of the traditional ones such as .com, .net, .info etc. or new ones such as .photography, .website, .blog, .wedding, .cash, etc. (these are just examples and there are lot more names available)
    • Domains can cost anywhere between $15 – $30 deepening on the name
    • you can use sites such as or to buy domains
    • I like 1and1 because you can get a domain for as less as $1 for the first year and all the domains come with private registration included in the fee (example below)


  • Choose a template:  After you have wordpress installed at your choice of hosting provider, you can use one of several free themes

Ta-da! the website is ready. You can customize and also accept payments on your website. Another option that combines all the steps (if you don’t want to be bother with so many steps) is to register at and buy one of their plans (see current pricing below)



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