My favorite credit card perks

I wouldn’t say I have a lot of credit cards [depending on how you define “a lot” ; I’ve read about people who have as many as 60-70], but lately I’ve started to utilize different ones for to maximize the rewards. My all time favorite perk is not having to pay the bill until weeks later without any interest or charge; here are some of the other more tangible ones:

  • Travel benefits: Some of the elite travel cards such as Chase Sapphire Reserve and American Express Platinum have tons of travel related benefits; few that I like more are: Global Entry fee credit, airport lounge access, transfer points to other partners
    • there are few more clubbed together with travel worth mentioning:
      • Primary rental collision insurance
      • no foreign transaction fee
  • Cashback: this is obviously the most popular one; cards such as Citi double cash gives 2% cashback on everything, which is the most I’ve seen on each purchase. Costco anywhere has 4% cashback on gas purchases along with 3% on travel & restaurant purchases. Amex Blue Cash Preferred has 6% cash back in US supermarkets; there are others with rotating categories, which I am not a big fan of
  • No automated menus to go through for customer care: It’s debatable whether this can be considered as a perk, but who hasn’t been in a situation where you keep pressing buttons on the automated menus and it doesn’t go anywhere. One of my cards has has this and I definitely like it when it connects directly to a person
  • Roadside assistance: A lot of cards offer some version of roadside assistance, but with Sapphire Reserve, and Amex gold the card pays for few times a year upto certain amount. This is comparable to basic AAA membership benefit
  • Purchase benefits: Last time I used price protection, with an easy process, I got $30 reimbursed because the price dropped after I bought the product. Extended warranty is nice to have too

P.S.: some of the cards mentioned above have yearly fees, so the perks are not free per se, but most of the time it’s worth the fee if you use it. I’ve also written about advantages of using credit cards for all transactions

Also check out favorite benefits of some other folks at Quora

What’s your favorite Perk?

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